Depression and Anxiety Relief – TRT Chiropractor

Depression and anxiety relief – TRT Chiropractor

Depression and anxiety relief – TRT Chiropractor

Depression and Anxiety Relief – Cleveland TRT Chiropractor

Depression and anxiety affect a considerable amount of the adult population. The average age of onset is thirty two years old and affects approximately 15 million Americans age 18 and older a year.

It is frequently more prevalent in women than in men and results in a path of health that leads to a greater chance of future health problems if not treated. People with depression are up to four times as likely to develop a heart attack than those without a history of illness/depression.

Depression/Anxiety are the leading causes of disability in the United States and ranks in the top three workplace issues resulting in lost productivity and increased medical costs. Depression/Anxiety can cause problems with concentration, memory, and decision-making all of which leads to less productivity and functionality of the individual.

What is Depression and Anxiety?

Depression and Anxiety can sometimes go hand in hand or they can be separate disorders all together. Depression is when you experience a depressed mood for most of the day.

This can result in fatigue, insomnia or difficulty sleeping or hypersomnia where there is excessive sleep. Patients who suffer from depression have little interest in all activities and can even have thoughts of death or suicide.

Depression can also result in weight loss or weight gain. Those patients who suffer from Anxiety have increased nervous system function. They are stuck in a sympathetic state which is the part of the nervous system commonly referred to as “Fight or Flight”.

This results in constant worries about otherwise normal activities of daily living. This results in release of hormones in the body such as Cortisol that are released when patients activate the sympathetic portion of the nervous system.

This can result in bone density loss, weight gain, and numerous aches and pains around the entire body. Sometimes pains can be “psychosomatic” which means although you have real tangible pain somewhere in the body it is only perceived pain and there is no actual cause of the pain.

That is a difficult situation to be in and results in Fibromyalgia type symptoms where you have pain all over with no real relief available.

Causes of Depression and Anxiety

Depression/Anxiety can be caused by multiple factors. They can be caused by mental, physical, or chemical factors. Mental factors can be represented by different psychological stressors we each have in our life.

This can be affected by many factors family, friends, relationships, or experiences. If the nervous system is functioning at its best the body typically can balance these situations out and maintain status quo regardless of these stressors.

Physical stressors that can affect our state of depression/anxiety can be our weight or image. If the body is not taken care of physically it will begin to breakdown and stop functioning properly which can lead to an inadequate ability to produce and maintain the proper hormones that assist in managing our feelings as well as our physical attributes.

This can all have an affect on our depression/anxiety if not functioning properly. Chemical imbalances are common factors associated with depression/anxiety. Serotonin is the most notorious chemical that affects depression and cortisol is associated with anxiety.

When there is an inability to produce the necessary serotonin to maintain a balance in the body depression can be the result. An increase or imbalance of cortisol can result in Anxiety. All of these scenarios are a reflection of the body and nervous system not functioning optimally.


Chiropractic for  Depression and Anxiety

In our office we will focus on the root of your Depression/Anxiety issue. If a patient presents with Depression/Anxiety complaint we will do a full physical examination of the patient with full history to ensure we gather as much information necessary to determine if the Depression/Anxiety can be treated and helped with chiropractic adjustments.

The patient will be evaluated and analyzed to determine the proper continuation of treatment. Chiropractic adjustments stimulate proprioceptors in the spinal segments that can help with a number of symptoms.

Adjustments in the upper cervical region have shown increasing amounts of evidence that they stimulate the release of serotonin which is the main neurotransmitter that assists in stabilizing depression.

Also there is increasing evidence that adjustments in the spine stimulate proprioceptors that cause cortical changes in the frontal lobe of the brain. These changes affect how the brain senses its surroundings and how it handles the sensory information being given to it from the rest of the body.

This can assist with anxiety because a large part of anxiety is an overcompensation to normal sensory stimuli that enters the brain. By increasing the brains ability to handle that stimuli it can activate the part of the nervous system that allows you to relax.

The nervous system controls everything inside your body from how you feel to how you sense the world around you and both of those are intricately woven into depression and anxiety.


If it is determined that there is another cause outside our scope of care the patient will be referred to the appropriate specialist.

Typically patients who have positive results through chiropractic care are diligent in their health goals and are committed to all the necessary steps to achieve them. Our goal is to help you achieve your health goals in any way that we can.

Chiropractic Analysis

In the office, I will utilize some of the most advanced technologies available to the chiropractic profession to evaluate your nervous system and how it is functioning. The patient will be objectively scanned with computer technology assessing surface temperature differences on each side of the spine to determine symmetry.

The muscle tension will also be measured on both sides of the spine to determine if one side is producing more energy output to certain muscles, which can indicate a misalignment of the spine at that particular level. The patient’s heart rate variability will also be measured to assess if the patient is in a particularly stressed state or relaxed state more frequently which can indicate the bodies ability to handle and manage stress may have dysfunction leading to anxiety and stress taking a toll on the spine.

Finally the patient’s posture will be analyzed using computer software to assess any abnormal posture that can contribute to increased stress on the surrounding spine and muscles that can lead to faster degeneration and increased symptoms. During the evaluation if the patient has any signs that indicate the need for x-rays, the patient will be referred out before any treatment is given.

Once the evaluation is complete and the Doctor determines the cause of the dysfunction in the spine, the patient will be given recommendations for treatment moving forward.

Chiropractic Treatment

Once it is determined that the root cause of the dysfunction is located in the spine, a custom care plan will be designed and discussed with the patient. A suggested visit plan and time line will be presented to the patient regarding all encompassing care to help the patient get relief from the depression/anxiety as soon and efficiently as possible.

Based on the findings from the initial evaluation the patient will be given a recommendation regarding treatment plan and goals. This treatment plan will take into account not only the plans for treatment inside the office but the plan will also account for daily activities, work habits, and recreational habits to formulate a comprehensive plan for helping the patient achieve the healthiest state possible as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The chiropractic adjustments utilized for dysfunctions in the spine are through a technique known as Torque Release Technique. Torque Release Technique uses an instrument known as The Integrator to deliver specific, effective, and gentle adjustments.

The Integrator is designed to pinpoint the anatomy of the spine and through specificity and acceleration deliver a low force gentle adjustment that has phenomenal results. The patient will be laying face down throughout the entirety of the adjustment and there is no twisting, cracking, or popping associated with the adjustment.

Based on the history of the numbness/tingling as well as the postural analysis completed the patient will be given certain therapies in the office to assist in the correction process as well as at home exercises and ergonomic suggestions to help alleviate the numbness/tingling and correct the root of the problem as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

As the problem is corrected it allows the patients body to heal the issue itself and strengthen itself after the healing to eliminate the issue from future issues.

Torque Release Technique Testimonials for Depression and Anxiety

Torque Release Technique is effective for all ages and patient demographics. I have a very personal testimonial regarding this particular symptom.

The reason why I am so passionate about helping those in my community and giving them treatment with Torque Release Technique is because of what it did for me. I was in chiropractic school and just finished my NFL kicking career when I developed a severe case of anxiety.

I was very sensitive to caffeine intake and had many ancillary symptoms such as heart palpitations, phantom pains, numbness/tingling, migraines, and trouble sleeping. This persisted for months and I went to cardiologists/neurologists to determine the root of the problem.

The best answer that could be given was anxiety and the easy “fix” was anti-anxiety medication. The anti-anxiety medication was not effective and I immediately sought different treatment.

The whole time the answer was right in front of me but all my previous experience with chiropractic was through athletics. Now it was effective in treating all my athletic and musculoskeletal issues but I had never associated it with being able to treat anxiety or other symptoms outside sports related.

That’s when I was introduced to Torque Release Technique. I read numerous testimonials of its ability to help those with depression/anxiety and how it allowed the body to function at its best and heal efficiently.

I began treatment and within months I was 70% better. Within the first year of treatment I was back to normal and feeling like I never thought I would again.

That was so inspirational and occurred at just the perfect time in my chiropractic career. I then dove into Torque Release Technique to learn as much as I could and practice as much as I could so I could bring it back to my home town of Cleveland and offer it to the great people of the community.

I look forward to helping many with the same issues I suffered from when they think they have ran out of all other options.